Driveway Crack Filler, Pothole Repair, and Asphalt Milling Services

Paving project in Lewiston, ME.D&R Paving offers various maintenance services for your driveways, roads and parking lots in addition to our regular paving and sealcoating services. Whether it is using the right driveway crack filler or knowing if there is sub-surface issue such as vegetation that needs to be addressed, D&R has the knowledge and tools to get the job done right. Regardless of which service you require, our process will be thoroughly explained during your initial job walkthrough to decide what fits your needs and budget.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Pothole repair – Harsh winters in Maine and New Hampshire can leave potholes and cracking in some sections of the asphalt surface. Once asphalt breaks it needs to be repaired and restored right away – patching is only a temporary solution.
  • Asphalt milling – If your driveway or lot is more than a decade old it may be time for periodic milling. Asphalt milling is an affordable solution to restore the surface. Rather than a complete demolition, milling grinds up the old asphalt surface and replaces it with a new, smooth overlay.
  • Hot rubber crack filling and joint sealing – Settling cracks, which occur naturally with age and as the ground moves, usually start to appear within 1-4 after new asphalt is installed. D&R Paving has two processes for filling cracks, both of which can be used effectively to prevent cracks from spreading:
    • Over-banding – this process begins by using high-pressure air to remove all vegetation and loose debris from existing cracks. The crack is then filled with a DOT-approved hot rubber crack fill using the banding method. This process not only fills the crack, but creates an overlay to prevent the crack from re-opening.
    • Routing – Routing begins by using a routing machine to cut a 1/2″ groove along the existing crack. This gives the hot rubber more surface to adhere to, extending the life of the repair. After routing, the process follows the same steps as over-banding: high-pressure air cleaning and then filling with hot rubber using the banding method.
  • Asphalt cutting and removal – When repair is only a temporary solution,  asphalt needs to be removed entirely by saw cutting, using a specialized blade to cut through asphalt, which is much softer compared to other materials.

Whatever the surface problem, D&R Paving can assist you with routine maintenance of your driveway or parking lot to ensure that your asphalt surfaces last.