Best Driveway Sealer, Commercial Paving Contractor, and Maintenance Service in Maine

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Surface preparation is the first step before any asphalt can be placed on any surface. As a residential and commercial paving contractor, we provide essential surface preparation to ensure your pavement will last a long time. Asphalt will not stay smooth and firm if it is applied over loose or unstable soil.

Pavements constructed without proper surface preparation can also cause the pavement to fail. Preparation may discover a watercourse under the driveway that could mean a culvert or other solution to ensure it doesn’t end up compromising your driveway. We ensure that the sub-grade soil will improve your pavement’s load-bearing capacity to increase the pavement strength and performance. At D&R, we take the time and care to inspect, grade and roll the base in preparation for every job.


At D&R, we provide quality paving services with attention to detail in design and construction to meet the specific requirements of all our customers. Driveway or parking lot, paved surfaces create an impression not only for you but for visitors and those passing by. An attractive driveway presents a certain curb appeal that can add value to your property and investment. We adhere to the same high standards in our sealcoating, striping, and maintenance service in Maine.

Asphalt comes in a wide range of mixtures. We know just the right blend to withstand Maine winters and summers so your driveway or parking lot will last years and provide you with an excellent return on your investment. We also know that paving is a significant investment – one you shouldn’t have to make more often than needed!


We back up every job with the Brown family’s personal guarantee, because we’re a local, independent business, and we plan to be around for many years to come. Our success depends on keeping our word, job after job, year after year, and we have earned BBB accredited A+ rating because of it.

We take pride in being one the best driveway sealer company and paving contractors in the area, and that’s why hundreds of clients in western Maine and eastern New Hampshire have trusted their property to D&R over the past 25 years.