Improve Your Commercial Parking Lot with Striping and Marking

Paving and marking for Dollar General in Limerick, ME.Line striping and marking is a necessary and important part of parking lot resurfacing and maintenance. For customers, clients, and visitors to your business, one of the first things they notice is your parking lot!

D&R Paving Company provides line striping and marking for commercial, institutional, and industrial parking lots. Whether you are installing a new parking lot, resurfacing an old one or changing its layout entirely, or simply having existing stripes repainted, D&R will get the job done.

The flow of traffic in any parking lot needs to be well defined to provide a level of security, safety, and efficient use of space.  A parking lot that is well-marked, directing people safely throughout their property – whether it’s for dropoff zones, handicap locations, or parking zones – represents a business that has taken the time to safely direct its visitors and employees.

ADA Compliance

D&R Paving complies with, and is well-versed in, ADA guidelines for handicapped access. Since the ADA went into effect in 1990, we have been able to advise companies and institutions that conduct business with the public on the necessary signage and handicap parking spaces that are necessary to conform with ADA requirements. Regardless of your business or enterprise, either public or private, all businesses must adopt ADA standards. This includes everything from providing handicapped-accessible parking stalls to van parking spaces.